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If you live in Oklahoma or you’re going to be visiting soon and doing a little holiday shopping, you might want to consider buying some unique and authentic Oklahoma gifts.  There are a few different things Oklahoma has to offer that just aren’t available in other states.

The first item on my Oklahoma gift list is Watonga cheese.  I was afraid there would be a Watonga cheese shortage for Christmas since the main plant was destroyed by a tornado, but I’m glad to report that they’re back up and running, so there will be plenty of cheese to go around this year.

 You can purchase Watonga cheese by the block, in wheels, or in shapes, including cheese in the shape of Oklahoma.  The company also sells several other food items, including crackers, seasonings, and sauces, letting you create a great gift basket for those who love cheese.

Another great food option is a gift basket from Honey Hill Farm.  They offer unique treats like venison summer sausage, jerky, and some very sweet honey.  What’s great about Honey Hill Farm is that you can customize your gift basket so that your family and friends only get foods that they like.  Plus, many of the gift baskets are under $20, so this is a good option for gift-givers on a budget.

Frankoma Pottery offers some very neat gift baskets.  In addition to gourmet mixes made in Oklahoma, each basket contains hand-crafted bake pans, platters, mugs, bowls, and other pieces of pottery.  The company also offers several different limited edition collector’s items, full dinnerware sets, and much more.

If you’re looking for a gift a little more romantic in nature, you may want to check out what Greene Leaf Candles has to offer.  You can create a personalized tub of candles, lotions, bath salts, body sprays, and more, all of which are made right here in Oklahoma.  They even have special no wick candles made from soy.  These candles have to be put on a warmer to use, but they’re perfect for those who aren’t allowed to have real candles at work.  This type of candle is also great for college students who live in the dorms since flames are generally forbidden there.

There are many other unique made in Oklahoma gifts out there, but these are some of my favorites.  The Frankoma Pottery is especially cool and makes a great gift for any time of the year, not just Christmas.’s daily blog features different foods, spices, sauces, and other products made in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Women’s Network Blog,, has an article by Oklahoma State Senator Randy Bass about Made in Oklahoma items and how they help the state. has some unique products featuring their Oklahoma logo. has a list of 75 great Oklahoma websites, some of which feature Made in Oklahoma products.

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    I wonder what Watonga cheese is and what makes it different from any other cheese. I would definitely love to have a glimpse and tast of it!

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