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December – hey, where’s my white Christmas?

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Many people think of Christmas in December.  In fact, with the retail stores pushing the holiday as hard as they are, it’s often hard to think of anything else after the month of September.  However, the one thing besides Santa Claus that most people associate with Christmas is a rare occurrence in Oklahoma.   In the central and southern parts of the state, a white Christmas is as rare as if we were located in the deep, warm southern part of the US.

Now, while the northern part of the state will receive a good amount of snowfall, this usually occurs later in the winter (think late January or early February).  These areas are far more likely to see snow on the ground at Christmas time, but it’s often not the case.  Often Christmas is announced with the howling of Oklahoma’s wind at all of the windowsills, making the wind chill factor register the temperatures well below freezing.  We all end up huddled in front of our televisions with the cold creeping in around the edges and no snow to show for it. 

The alternative to that is that we find ourselves sitting outside with the sun shining, the temperatures in the mid to upper sixties, and the feeling that fall has been granted a few weeks’ worth of reprieve.  But if this happens, it’s usually harder to get into the spirit of the holidays since it’s so warm and just doesn’t feel like Christmas.  The stereotype of snow on the ground at Christmas, or even the fact that it is supposed to be cold this time of year, can often cause people to lag in their preparations for Christmas time celebrations. 

If you find yourself enduring one of these warmer holiday seasons and are worried that you just can’t get yourself in gear to get ready for Christmas, then the best solution to your worries is to find your way to the nearest shopping destination.  They will have already decorated for you, and with the Christmas music blaring and the trees sparkling, you’ll find it a little easier to slip into the spirit of the holiday season.  Just remember if you go to the mall it is better to park way, way, out in the back of the lot as there will be many other people who also need comforting and reassurance that Christmas is alive and well.  And, of course, they will do this in whatever destination you chose.  Don’t think the last few days before Christmas will be spared: the stores are often packed with last minute shoppers. 

This problem with shoppers clogging the arteries of the city is probably a problem no matter where you live, but it just seems worse in Oklahoma.  This is because there are only two major cities in Oklahoma (Oklahoma City and Tulsa); therefore, when it comes time to shop, everyone from the country flocks to the cities to buy their Christmas stuff. 

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