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November – naked trees and chilly winds

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November is the month of the year that most Oklahomans associate with two things: Christmas decorations that randomly appear the day after Halloween and raking.  Now, most states are going to have a problem with leaves falling and with having to rake their yards; however, they probably have the entire month to deal with this problem.  Maybe even two months if the leaves start to fall in October. 

In Oklahoma it seems that the leaves are on a very stern time table and that once the middle week of November hits, they must all abandon ship and jump from the tree’s branches at once.  In other words, one day you leave for work and there is a colorful assortment of leaves in the trees and all seems right with the world, but when you get back, the tree’s branches are all barren like something straight out of a horror movie and your yard is buried in four inches of leaves.  Then the horror becomes the fact that you will spend the next three weeks trying to get everything raked out of your yard and packaged up before the snow sets in.

The Halloween decorations are replaced, seemingly overnight, by Christmas decorations popping up in department stores and malls everywhere.  It’s as if fall doesn’t even exist anymore, and many people find themselves greatly annoyed by this.  The weather outside is relatively nice, the people are happy, and the stores are already looking to profit off of us.  Sometimes neighbors will put up their Christmas decorations early, and sometimes when this happens you will find yourself forced to wake up and face the giant blow-up Santa Claus that has replaced the giant blow-up pumpkin.  At least you can continue to laugh at your neighbors when they once again find themselves struggling to keep the things tied down in the Oklahoma wind. 

If the weather is constantly fluctuating in Oklahoma, the one constant through every month is the way that the wind barrels through the state.  It doesn’t matter which corner of the state you’re in, if you’re in Oklahoma it is not uncommon to have wind gusts up to twenty miles per hour every day for two weeks straight.  So if people can’t realize that this constant wind means their decorations are going to try and blow away, more’s the laughter to you. 

Now, occasionally you will get snow in November.  Sometimes it will continue to snow for a day or two after Halloween before the sun returns; however, usually by the time that Thanksgiving comes around you will once again find yourself in the midst of reasonably nice temperatures and sunny days.  You will need to hold onto these memories, though, as the approaching days of December and January are often bitterly cold and lifeless.

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