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Oklahoma Congressman Enters Rehab

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Oklahoma’s Representative John Sullivan, a republican who represents Oklahoma’s First Congressional District, checked himself into the Betty Ford Center on May 29th for alcohol rehabilitation.  He has serves as one of Oklahoma’s congressional representatives since 2002, when he was elected in a special election to replace Steve Largent.  So far, Sullivan has only stated that he’s taking a temporary leave of absence—he’s not resigning (or at least, he hasn’t indicated that he is at this point).  Rep. Sullivan was arrested for public intoxication when he was 20 years old.


While it’s always sad to see someone battling an addiction, I’m glad to see that Rep. Sullivan has acknowledged that he has a problem and is seeking help.  There is some debate in Oklahoma as to whether or not he should resign his position.  Personally, I think if he completes treatment and doesn’t take up drinking again, he should stay in office.  What do you think?


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