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Ultimate Terrors – the New OKC Haunted House

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With Halloween approaching, haunted houses are gearing up to scare the pants off of Oklahoma City residents.  While traditional haunted houses like the Creep Conservatory and Haunt the Zoo are returning, there’s a new haunted house in Oklahoma City that those looking for a real fright might want to check out.  It’s called the Ultimate Terrors haunted house, and it’s actually three different haunted houses in one.


Ultimate Terrors follows the story of the Skull family through three different haunted houses.  First, you start out at Skull Manor.  Here, you’ll meet the members of the Skull family (portrayed by actual actors, not puppets or robots) and you’ll get a tour of their home.  Then it’s on to Code Blue, the family’s factory.  Here, you find out what happens when one of the Skulls, a doctor, loses his mind.  Finally, the third haunted house is called the 3-D Chaos, and it takes you into a terrifying 3-D world.


There are a couple of really interesting things about Ultimate Terrors.  First of all, it’s completely indoors.  In fact, the three haunted houses are located at the old Linen’s-n-Things store in the Belle Isle Shopping Center.  This means the attraction operates no matter what the weather is.  Ultimate Terrors also features a paintball shooting gallery where attendees can fire paintballs at live targets.  This lets visitors actually interact with the actors in the haunted house, something that rarely happens in other, similar attractions.  The haunted house also sells snacks in case you get hungry while experiencing the terror.


If you want to attend Ultimate Terrors, your best option is to purchase the package ticket for $20.  This includes admission to all three haunted houses.  If you just want to experience one of the three, individual tickets are $10 each.  Then there’s the VIP package for $37, which includes admission to all three haunted houses, a free t-shirt, and a front of the line pass so you don’t have to wait!  Ultimate Terrors opens on Friday, October 2, and runs through November 1, although the attraction is not open every night.  See their website at for more information.  Tickets are limited, so be sure to get there early if you want to be guaranteed admission.


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