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Comic Book Stores in OKC

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As a kid, you may have read comics like Archie, Superman, and Batman.  These comic book characters and their adventures filled up many of my weekend afternoons, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I still read some comic titles today.  If you do, too, or if you have kids who enjoy comic books, you may want to know where to find them in Oklahoma City.  There are three different comic book shops that I’ve visited, and all three offer something a little different.


My favorite comic shop is All Star Comics.  Owned by Wyll, a fun and knowledgeable comic book guru from the UK, All Star Comics is the place to go if you’ve got an odd request or are trying to track down that comic you heard about that one time when you were ten.  All you have to do is describe the characters or a bit of the story, and chances are, Wyll will be able to tell you exactly what title and issue you’re looking for.  He has a good number of titles in stock, plus back issues and trade paperback collections.  All Star also has some discounted comics for a dollar or less, plus a large number of action figures, t-shirts, and other collectables.  All Star Comics is located at 6900 North May.


Then there’s New World Comics and Games.  New World has a huge selection of back issues on hand, plus they carry an interesting selection of toys and other collectables.  One of my favorite things about New World is that they go all out for Free Comic Book Day (a world-wide event the first weekend of May).  Last year, they stayed open for 24 hours and had huge sales on everything, plus games, trivia contests, and more.  It was a lot of fun.  New World is located at 6219 N. Meridian, and you can check them out online at


Finally, Second Chance Book Store and Comics has both a good sized comic selection and a large book selection as well.  They carry a huge number of used books plus a good variety of new paperback novels as well.  In their comics section, they have a huge amount of trade paperback graphic novels plus action figures and t-shirts.  You can also take in your old novels and trade them in.  Second Chance is a good place for families to visit since those who love comics can spend their time in the comic area while the rest of the family can check out their favorite books.  Second Chance is located at 3909 North MacArthur.  Their website is


For more information on these stores, check out the following blogs:


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M-Brane SF reviews Second Chance Books.

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