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Construction at the Mall

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It’s the time again—holiday shopping.  However, Oklahoma’s highway department has decided this is also the perfect time to do some construction around the Penn Square Mall area.  This makes for some very interesting traffic patterns around the area, especially on the weekends.  And unless they get their work done soon, it’s only going to get worse as more and more people start shopping.  The ultimate goal of the construction seems to be to make two turn lanes into the mall from Northwest Expressway instead of the one that was there, so it will help the traffic situation once it’s finished.


This comes after they reworked the access road from Northwest Expressway into the Belle Isle shopping center.  If you haven’t been that way recently, they’ve just finished changing it around so that you can now go from Penn Square Mall into Belle Isle and back.  It makes going from one area to the other much easier.  Before, you had to get back on NW Expressway and then immediately turn into the other parking lot, something that could be a pain at times.


In other construction news, if you’re traveling up and down northwest 23rd past May or so, be prepared for a lot of construction.  They’ve got half the street or more torn up.  They’re slowly resurfacing it, and it looks like they may continue down most of 23rd in the future. 


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Some highway projects may be delayed due to lack of funding, according to the Daily Reporter blog.

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  • 1 foundation repair // Dec 29, 2009 at 10:36 am

    It totally sucks to have construction during the Holidays. Even if they’re over now, it still sucks.

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