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Sweet Tea Restaurant – Some Good Home Cooking!

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I love trying new places to eat, especially new independent restaurants that aren’t part of a huge chain.  Sometimes, these places are a disappointment, but sometimes, they’re incredible.  The new Sweet Tea Restaurant on NW 23rd Street near Classen is one of these incredible places.

The first thing that struck me about Sweet Tea was the décor and the ambiance.  If a friend hadn’t told me that the prices were very reasonable, I would have thought I’d be paying about $25 per plate upon walking into the restaurant.  It certainly looks like one of those very pricy places.  There are real tablecloths on each table, and all drinks are served in very nice glass goblets.  A few antique tea cups rest on a shelf near the door, and there are baskets of flowers and some twinkling lights along each wall.  It all comes together to create a place that looks ritzy while still feeling welcoming.

The menu is fairly small, but that’s not a huge complaint.  There are several different appetizers to choose from, and for the main course, you’ll find dishes like marinated chicken breast, pot roast, and glazed ham.  All of them come with two sides such as homemade mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese.  The food is simply outstanding.  My pot roast tasted just like my mother’s!  It’s certainly good ol’ home cooking at its best.  And then there’s the dessert section…unfortunately, I was too full to try anything, but next time, I think I’ll go in just for a slice of that amazing looking chocolate cake.

My only complaint about Sweet Tea is that they only serve sweet tea or water to drink.  As I’m not a huge tea fan, I elected to go with water.  However, I have been told that their tea is very good. 

I’m hoping more and more people will try Sweet Tea.  Whenever I go by the restaurant, it always seems empty.  I’m afraid many people don’t know it exists or just haven’t tried it yet.  Unfortunately, this often happens to little restaurants in OKC, and the end result is that they close.  I don’t want another great place to eat to disappear, so if you’re looking for some good food, head over to Sweet Tea!

Here is another blog that talks about Sweet Tea:

Greg Elwell wrote a review of Sweet Tea on his blog.  He had some issues with the service.

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