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Tombstone Tales—Not As Scary As It Sounds!

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Just west of Oklahoma City is the city of El Reno.  I grew up near El Reno, so I know many of its ins and outs.  I’ve also been to many of its different events, including Tombstone Tales, an event held at historic Fort Reno.

While it’s not in Oklahoma City, I can safely say that Tombstone Tales is worth the short drive. 

There are really two parts to the event.  First, you can wander around Fort Reno and check out all the different historic buildings.  These buildings have been carefully preserved so that they look exactly like they did when they were built.  One, the Fort Reno Chapel, is actually still used for weddings today!

The men and women who dress up for Tombstone Tales have carefully researched the people they are pretending to be.  Each of these people is buried in the Fort Reno cemetery, and the actors proudly stand by their tombstones and tell their stories to each group of visitors.  You’ll learn about explorers, settlers, Native Americas, and more.  Each story is amazingly detailed, just like the costumes the actors wear.  It’s a great event for kids, but adults will also love hearing the many different stories told by the actors.  Fort Reno has set aside a day for schools to bring classes to Tombstone Tales so kids can have a chance to learn all about the history of the area.

Tombstone Tales is a really neat event, and I love going to it.  The actors do a tremendous job drawing in their audience, and the stories they tell are incredibly interesting.  The visitor’s center has information about everything at the fort plus a number of different books and other souvenirs for sale.  Tombstone Tales takes place on September 18th, and actors will be on the grounds from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm to tell their stories.  More information about the event and about Fort Reno in general can be found at

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