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A Fresh New Take on the Traditional Salad at CoolGreens

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Every now and then I find myself going somewhere to eat that I am sure I will not like.  However, since I do not like to be the squeaky wheel or prevent people from going somewhere just because I do not think I will like it, I go along.  Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised though, and this was the case the other day when I went into a new restaurant based on salads, CoolGreens. 

CoolGreens is located on Western Avenue next to the Crescent Market, and when you first walk in you will notice the crisp, cool dining area.  It reminded me of something out of a sleek seventies movie, but it was also the perfect highlight to the salad bar.  The workers there were very nice and friendly, and they were able to help us choose something that we would enjoy.  I had a Ahi Tuna salad, and I was able to pick and choose the items that I wanted in my salad.  It was like putting together a salad in the same manner as one would a Subway sandwich, and it was great!

The friend I was with decided to get a Southwest Spicy Chicken salad put together in a wrap.  It was compiled in much the same way that mine was, only at the end of the line they took the salad and wrapped it in an extra large tortilla.  The meal also came with a side of homemade couscous, and it was also delicious.  The salads were very large and even though I am usually not a big salad eater, I ate everything on my plate and even some of my friend’s couscous and was completely stuffed.  However, if you were still hungry they also have a wide variety of smoothie flavors that you can choose from as well.  

The only downside to CoolGreens is that it most people might think it to be somewhat expensive for a salad.  Our meal after drinks was over twenty dollars, but for a special experience it was definitely something that was well worth the price!  When I first heard that I was being taken to a restaurant that only featured salads I was a little bit worried, but now I know that this is the perfect place for a leisurely lunch outing and I am sure that I will be going back.

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