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Only in OKC – Will Rogers Park

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Will Rogers Park in Oklahoma City is one of the most beautiful parks I’ve ever seen.  In fact, some people have referred to it as OKC’s own Eden.  It certainly could be mistaken for a paradise, especially in the spring and summer months when all of the flowers are in bloom. 

Will Rogers Park isn’t one of those parks located out on the edge of the city.  Instead, it’s right off Portland Avenue.  However, the way the park was designed makes it seem like it’s not at all in the middle of the city.  Once you get into this good-sized area, you won’t even be able to see the streets or really hear all that much of the traffic.  It’s a great place to escape from the daily grind because of this.

A good sized lake is situated in the middle of the park, and a number of geese and ducks make Will Rogers their home.  Benches surround the shady lake side, making it the perfect place to sit and read or eat your lunch.  Small fountains and waterfalls add a nice bit of background noise to the area.  In addition to the ducks and geese, you can also watch squirrels scamper about the grounds and climb trees. 

The park is easily one of Oklahoma City’s largest: it sports an area for soccer games, an amphitheater, and a set of tennis courts.  Various places to sit, eat, and play are also scattered through the park, which includes open, grassy areas and shaded areas.  But none of those are the park’s greatest attraction.

WillRogers Park

That honor belongs to the rose garden.  Will Rogers is home to literally hundreds of different varieties of roses, all of which are meticulously cared for.  When the roses are in bloom, the sight and smell of the park is simply amazing.  Now I’m not one to oh and ah over flowers, but I have to admit, there’s something really neat about seeing all of these roses in one place.

But the visual tour doesn’t end there.  I mentioned the trees earlier.  While they provide a great amount of shade, they also provide a good amount of variety, too.  The park has many different kinds of trees all growing together, and it creates a very interesting look. 

Will Rogers Park also has its own botanical gardens and greenhouses.  These house even more incredibly beautiful plants, and if you have any questions about them, you can generally find a gardener or two on duty to discuss the flowers with.  Will Rogers also offers tours, classes, and plant shows for those guests who want to know more.

Will Rogers Park truly offers a great place to escape from the real world, whether it be for a weekend afternoon, an evening stroll, or just a short break from work.  No matter what, I know you’ll find the park an inspiring, relaxing place.  It’s one of my favorite areas of Oklahoma City, and I haven’t seen any park in the city with the exception of the downtown Botanical Gardens that can match Will Rogers Park for sheer outdoor elegance.

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