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Only in OKC – Will’s, Saturn Grill, and Madison’s

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Are you hungry?  I hope so, because I have three great places to eat for you!  I love to eat out, so much so that sometimes, I’ll actually have every meal at a restaurant.  Here are three of my favorite places that you can hit in a day, so if you’re looking to plan out your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, here’s one possible combination.

Breakfast – Will’s Coffee

Located on Western in the Will Rogers Theater (near Musashi’s and Sushi Neko), Will’s Coffee is a little coffee shop that offers a nice variety of drinks, pastries, and sandwiches.  The prices aren’t any more expensive than Starbucks, and in my opinion, the drinks are better.  The people at Will’s are always very friendly, too

If it’s a nice day, you can sit outside Will’s and enjoy the pleasant weather.  If it’s not, seating is available inside, although it is limited.  One of the downsides to Will’s is that, unlike Starbucks or IHOP, there is no wireless internet.  This means it’s not the ideal place for students to study, but if you’re looking for a place to talk to just to relax, Will’s fits the bill perfectly.

Lunch – Saturn Grill

Head up Western from Will’s and you’ll find Saturn Grill, a small restaurant that makes a great lunch spot.  Saturn Grill is one of those slightly off the wall places, offering a really fun atmosphere with a menu that wouldn’t be too out of place in a more expensive restaurant.  They offer sandwiches, soups, salads, and pizza, all of which is very tasty.  The prices are very reasonable (maybe $10 per person for a meal and a drink).  While you’re there, I recommend grabbing a vanilla vanilla cupcake for dessert – they’re incredible!


Saturn Grill, like Will’s, also has some outdoor seating and a variety of indoor booths and tables.  Their revolving door and unique décor give the place a fun look and feel, and Saturn Grill offers a number of different free local magazines and papers for people who want a read while eating.

Dinner –Madison’s Pancake House

Finally, if you want a nice dinner, Madison’s Pancake House on Northwest Expressway offers a huge menu.  You can get breakfast, lunch, or dinner at any point of the day here.  Madison’s is a very interesting place to eat – it offers much the same kind of things you could get at an IHOP or a Denny’s, yet the atmosphere is almost that of a high class restaurant.  That’s not to say that it’s expensive or not a place for family dining.  On the contrary, Madison’s is very affordable, and the staff is friendly and very quick. 

My personal favorite is the country breakfast, but I’m also a fan of Madison’s fried mushrooms.  You won’t want to pass up the dessert, either.  In fact, the first thing you see when you walk in the door is the display case of desserts, and I guarantee once you see the cakes, brownies, and pies in it, you’ll find yourself wondering if you can limit yourself to just one sugary sweet.

The great thing about these three places is that you can mix and match them.  Will’s sandwiches make for a great lunch, and Madison’s serves an awesome breakfast.  If you want pizza but don’t want delivery, Saturn Grill is a nice option for dinner.  All three are affordable, have delicious food, and are found only in Oklahoma City.

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