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Beans & Leaves Offers a Great Cup of Joe

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Good coffee shops are hard to come by, especially in Oklahoma City.  Sure, we have dozens of Starbucks and a few good, local coffee shops like Will’s, but sometimes, it means going out of the way.  That’s why I’m glad Beans & Leaves has opened up on Pennsylvania Ave.  It’s right after the intersection of Penn and 36th in a small shopping center, and it’s located in an area that seems to have no coffee shops at all (there’s not even a Starbucks nearby!).

Beans & Leaves looks, on the surface, like any other coffee shop.  They’ve got a wide variety of lattes, mocas, and other tasty drinks on the menu, plus a lot of different teas (that’s the “leaves” part of the name).  They also have a well-stocked cooler full of water, soft drinks, and other beverages.  The menu features daily desserts (cookies, cheesecake, brownies, and such) plus they’ve got some salads and other light items.  A different special is offered each day.

Here’s another great thing about Beans & Leaves: it’s cheap!  I paid $2.50 for a large latte, and it wasn’t one of those “we’re going to call this a large but it would be a small anywhere else” kind of sizes.  If you want a fancy coffee drink but don’t want to spend the money, this is the place.  Now, before you start thinking about getting what you paid for, let me assure you that the coffee, lattes, and everything else at Beans & Leaves are good.  In fact, I’d rank them above Starbucks in quality, and I’ve just had one drink.  Oh, and a piece of their homemade pumpkin spice cheesecake.  It was a bit more expensive, but it was more than worth it.  All of the food is prepared by Chef Curtis Staggs, a trained, experienced culinary expert.

The shop is fairly small, but it has a nice, relaxed atmosphere about it.  The walls are decorated with paintings done by local artists, and if you see one you like, you can actually buy it and take it home with you!  That means the artwork will change regularly.  You can also settle in and play a board game such as Scrabble or plug in your laptop and use the shop’s free Wi-Fi.  Live entertainment is also offered on a regular basis.

I’m really looking forward to spending some relaxing evenings at Beans & Leaves.  The drinks and desserts are great and well-priced, the atmosphere is welcoming, and the location is convenient.  If you need a new coffee shop in OKC, I highly recommend Beans & Leaves!  They’re located at 4015 N. Penn #B, which is right after the Penn and 36th intersection.  You can also find out more about the shop and their daily specials on their Facebook page.

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