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Dinner in the Deuce – Jan. 11 through Feb. 23

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There are many different art exhibits in Oklahoma City, but few of them are as unique as Dinner in the Deuce, an event held by Untitled [ArtSpace].  A relatively new art gallery and nonprofit art organization in Oklahoma City, Untitled [ArtSpace] strives to host a number of different kinds of art shows, and Dinner in the Deuce is definitely one of these one-of-a-kind events.

So, what is Dinner in the Deuce?  Well, sadly enough, it doesn’t involve food.  At least, not food you can eat.  Dinner in the Deuce is an exhibition of different themed dinner tables made by artists from Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas.  The main focus of these tables is to show off how practical, everyday objects like silverware, plates, and tablecloths can be combined to create incredibly artistic sculptures. 

But this is more than just artists buying some forks, napkins, and dinner plates from the local store and arranging them on a table.  Instead, everything these artists use in their themed table, including the chairs, napkins, and all the place sittings, are hand crafted by the artists.  This makes for some very interesting dining tables and table arrangements. 

As you wonder from section to section, you’ll see a large variety of different styles of tables.  Each one was done by a group of artists that combine many different materials and many different cultures.  One of the tables focused on the concept of recycling.  The tables and chairs are created from recycled materials and the napkins and tablecloth are made from natural fibers.

Another table’s theme is that of a picnic in a rainforest.  This table uses wood, clay, water, and other natural materials while bringing in the vibrant colors and textures you’d see in a rainforest.  Yet another table, called “Samurai Gothic,” looks like a table set over a koi pond.  Many of the table themes bring in these international decorating schemes and feature

If you are in Oklahoma City before February 23 and have some free time, I encourage you to drop by the Untitled [ArtSpace] and check out Dinner in the Deuce.  One of the very nice things about the event is that it’s free, as are all events hosted at the gallery. 

You can find more information about Untitled [ArtSpace] and Dinner in the Deuce on their website,     

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