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Nic’s Grill Has Great Food but Little Seating

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Oklahoma City has a lot of different cool little burger joints, but none of them is quite as little Nic’s Grill.  This small building sits on the corner of Pennsylvania and 12th street, but without its sign, you’d think it was a small house or even a storage building.  However, don’t judge Nic’s by its size—it’s a really awesome burger place!

Their burgers are huge.  In fact, if you usually eat light, you can get two meals out of one, or you can get one to share.  These giant burgers can be ordered with a number of extras, including cheese, bacon, and grilled onions, but there aren’t a lot of extras on the menu.  No salads, for example, so if you’re not a meat eater, Nic’s is not for you.  They also offer chicken fried steak, pork chops, meatloaf, and other daily specials.  Some of these options aren’t always available.  The fries are also extremely good.  I’ve tried a lot of different burger places around OKC, and I have to say, Nic’s is one of the best.  In addition to burgers, they also serve breakfast, but I haven’t be by there to try it yet.

There are two things that make getting a Nic’s burger a little complicated.  The first is the hours: Nic’s is only open from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm every day.  If you want breakfast before work, be there when the doors open.  Also note that Nic’s isn’t an option for dinner.  The other issue is the size of the place.  Like I said, Nic’s doesn’t look like a restaurant.  It’s so tiny that maybe 20 people can eat inside, and that’s if those 20 really like each other!  If you’re not there when they open the doors, don’t expect a seat for breakfast.  Likewise, most burgers are ordered to go.

I’ve never actually eaten inside Nic’s before.  My usual experience goes like this: park in the small lot, join the line standing outside the restaurant.  When I can, I slip inside the door to stand at the back of the line headed up to the counter.  Once it’s my turn, I shout my order to the chef (between the people talking and the burgers frying, you pretty much have to shout).  Then I stand amid the crush of people until my order is done and I can push my way out.

Is it worth it?  You bet it is!  The burgers and fries are absolutely delicious, and the pricing is not horrible, either.  You’ll only pay a little more than you might at a fast food place, but you get much more food and it tastes much better.  Give Nic’s a shot, even if you do have to stand outside for a few minutes.  You won’t regret it.


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