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February – let it snow (finally!)

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Are you ready for that white Christmas that you didn’t get in December?  If so, then you’re ready for Oklahoma in February.  This is typically our coldest month (I say typically because March can sometimes surprise us with its bitter coldness).  Snow finally hits the ground, turning everything into a sparkling, blindingly white wonderland.  However, just as with January, the dreaded layer of ice is often hanging around.  It’s especially dangerous on the roads during these winter months thanks to black ice, ice that has combined with asphalt, oil, and other things.  It’s called black ice because it’s nearly impossible to see, making it twice as deadly.

But February usually sees less ice and more fun snow.  It’s the time of the year when kids will spend the after-school days making snowmen and college students will stop to have a snowball fight before going to class.  The kids won’t be that happy, though—classes aren’t canceled as often since the snow isn’t nearly as dangerous as the ice.  In fact, most of the time the Oklahoma streets will be covered in slush, which is a very interesting combination of Oklahoma’s red dirt and half-melted snow.  Forget the pretty white flakes; slush is just plain ugly, and you’ll get tired of seeing it long before it’s gone.

Valentine’s Day sees couples trudging through this slush to go to dinner at any one of Oklahoma City’s restaurants, with steakhouses like Cimarron Steakhouse or the locally run Cattleman’s being very popular choices.  The carriage rides that run through Bricktown are very busy around this time of year.  If you can catch one open, though, a horse-drawn ride through the city’s downtown area is a great way for you and your sweetie to finish off a special night.  Carriage rides are available all year, though, so if you miss one on Valentine’s Day, you can always return (especially if you’d prefer a ride during warmer temperatures!). 

After being trapped inside thanks to the ice, Valentine’s Day isn’t the only time Oklahoma City residents get out.  Once things start to melt, restaurants, movie theaters, and malls start getting crowded as people are finally free to escape their homes and have a little fun.

The month of February seems like it’s usually over with before it really gets going, leaving many in Oklahoma unprepared for the sudden spring.  For those of us who suffer from allergies related to pollen and mold, the month is over much too quickly.  Once February’s snow melts away during March, things start to bloom and we start to sneeze.

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