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Movie Theaters in OKC

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Looking to catch a movie while you’re in Oklahoma City?  There are a number of theaters you can go to, but the largest (and, in my opinion, nicest) are Harkins, Dickenson Penn Square 10, AMC Quail Springs Mall 24, and Cinemark TinselTown.


Harkins is the newest theater in Oklahoma City.  It’s one of the centerpieces of Bricktown, the revamped downtown area of Oklahoma City.  The theater has sixteen different screens, including the Cine Capri.  The Cine Capri is the largest movie screen in Oklahoma City, and if you really want to feel like you’re in the middle of the action, this is the theater for you.  The seats are incredibly comfortable, and all theaters have stadium seating, so you won’t be trying to look around anyone’s head.

Pricing at Harkins is around $7.00 or so per movie, although matinees are cheaper.  Movies in the Cine Capri are about a dollar more.  The concessions aren’t that expensive, either.  For anyone who plans to visit the Harkins several times, loyalty cups and t-shirts are available.  The cups get you dollar refills for a year, while the t-shirt gets you a free regular size popcorn every time you wear it to Harkins. 

Dickenson Penn Square 10If you’re out shopping at Penn Square Mall and need a break, you can catch a movie at the Dickenson Penn Square 10.  With ten good sized screens and some nice prices for afternoon movies, Dickenson provides both cheap entertainment and a convenient location.  If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, Dickenson tends to attract fewer people.  In fact, on weekday afternoons, you may find yourself the only person watching the movie!

Pricing at Dickenson is a little cheaper than Harkens.  The theater is older, though, and you’ll notice a bit of wear and tear on the seats and the screens.  However, the concessions seem well priced—I’m always a little surprised at how long my drink lasts. 

AMC Quail Springs Mall 24

Quail Springs, the northern-most mall in Oklahoma City, also has its own movie theater.  The AMC 24 has, just as its name implies, 24 big screens to show the newest releases on.  This theater is one of the few that lets you bring in outside food and drink, and they’re located right off the food court so you can easily grab dinner before your show.  Another nice feature is that, unlike the Dickenson theater, AMC has outside entrances so you don’t have to deal with getting out of the mall once your movie is over. 

AMC is priced competitively with Harkens, so expect to spend around $7 or $8 for a movie.  The concessions are likewise competitive.  AMC may be the most convenient theater for you if you’re in the northern area of the city since it’s the only theater up that way. 

Cinemark Tinseltown 

Cinemark Tinseltown was the theater in Oklahoma City about five years ago.  Then Harkens blew into Bricktown and kind of stole its thunder. The theater is pretty large and shows a good dozen movies (sometimes they have a movie in two theaters, so they don’t always have a huge selection).  The seating, like Harkens, is stadium seating, so you can almost always see the screen without someone’s head in the way. 

One of the downsides to Tinseltown is that it seems to be in the middle of nowhere.  There aren’t really any restaurants or fast food places near it, and it always seems to be a bit of a drive.  However, prices aren’t outrageous, although their concessions are a little more than Dickenson or AMC. 

Of course, there are other movie theaters in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas, but these four are the largest and show the newest movies.  You can check out what’s showing at any major movie site like

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