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Oklahoma City Road Construction – A Rant

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I don’t often use this blog for rants, but I feel the need to warn everyone (and complain) about all the recent road construction that is going on in Oklahoma City these days.  It seems like just about every major street near my house is torn up, and it’s a huge pain.

If you’re doing any travelling around downtown OKC or the northern part of the city (the part I most often drive around), then you’re in for some annoyance.  Classen, Penn Avenue, Northwest Expressway, and more are currently torn up.

Classen, one of the main north/south streets near downtown Oklahoma City, has construction between 23rd street and 50th.  They’re adding in new planters and trees in the median.  I’m sure it will look very, very nice when they get it done, but for now, some of the lanes are closed and it’s a real pain.

May is another major north/south street that’s full of construction.  They’re building a new bank up around 36th and May, and they’ve taken out a stoplight around the construction.  That means it now functions as a stop sign, and traffic moves very slowly through there.

Fortunately, most of the construction on Northwest Expressway near May is finished.  For a good two months, the on- and off-ramps from May to Expressway and vice versa were closed, as were several lanes.  I’m not sure exactly why (I guess general road maintenance?), but at least it’s all done.

Streets downtown, around the interstates, and more have also seen their fair share of construction lately.  It’s annoying, but thankfully the construction crews finish up their work fairly quickly.  Oklahoma is not known for its good roads, so I am grateful to see that many of the main streets are getting worked on.  However, I do wish they’d stagger the construction just a bit, especially when parts of the street are already shut down for other things (like that new bank on May which, really, do we even need?). 

Anyway, just remember when you’re visiting Oklahoma City to be aware of all the construction that’s going on.  Since it’s always changing, it might be a good idea to ask around about the current construction problems so you can plan alternative routes if you need to.

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