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Spraygrounds in OKC

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Lately, I’ve noticed something different about some of the parks in Oklahoma City.  Some of them have taken out some equipment (or added a new area) that’s full of tall pipes and such.  At first glance, I had no idea what this was all about.  Then I saw some kids pull on handles and press buttons.  Suddenly, the whole area looks like a rain storm—all those pipes turned out to have water sprinklers inside them.

These new additions to parks and swimming pools are called spraygrounds, and Oklahoma City recently added five new ones for summer 2008.  With sixteen in total, there’s a sprayground in just about every area of the city.  Some are a little more complex than others, but they all offer great outdoor water play.  Many have more than just sprinklers.  Some have geysers that erupt out of the ground.  Others have hoses that kids can pull around and squirt each other with.  Some even feature water canons that send out a huge blast of water! 

While there are some spraygrounds that have been added to city pools, some parents believe that spraygrounds are the safer way to go.  They say that spraygrounds are safer since there’s no fear of drowning.  However, kids can fall down and hurt themselves at spraygrounds, so they are still in need of some parental supervision.  I will agree, though, that spraygrounds probably do present less of a risk, but sometimes, there’s just nothing like diving into a cool swimming pool.

To get the locations of all the spraygrounds in Oklahoma City, visit the city’s sprayground website at

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