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 Weddings in Oklahoma can be all out affairs or they can be small, intimate gatherings.  Just like weddings in other states, there is a wide variety of style, themes, colors, and locations.  However, Oklahoma has a few unique places to hold your wedding, and we sometimes have some unique ideas as to how to decorate, too.

 Oklahoma is ideal for outdoor weddings.  In fact, I personally know many people who prefer to have their wedding outdoors.  Since many families in the state own land outside of one of the large cities, it’s very easy to find someone with a wide backyard or even a farmstead willing to let you use it for your ceremony.  Many of these people even have gazebos or amazing flower beds that make a fantastic setting for your special day.  Having your wedding on the land your family has owned for generations adds another layer to the event as well.  One of my cousins had her wedding in the backyard of her husband’s old family house, and it was very nice.  Of course, you have to be careful of the weather.

 I’ve mentioned the Myriad Gardens a few times before.  In addition to be a great place to relax or spend a sunny afternoon, the gardens also offer a few places to hold special events and ceremonies.  You can rent the water stage near the Crystal Bridge or, for a bit more, rent the actual Crystal Bridge itself.  Whether you want to be married near the water or among the tropical plants, the Myriad Gardens provide a very unique setting. 

 Another great outdoor location in Oklahoma is at a winery.  While many don’t realize it, Oklahoma actually has a number of really interesting wineries, especially in the northwestern part of the state.  These wineries have great outdoor areas that are perfect for weddings, plus you don’t have to worry about bringing any alcohol to the reception!  There is usually a small fee to reserve these wineries, though, and you do have to be on the look out for random winery visitors who aren’t on your guest list.  Most people are polite enough to leave if they see an event going on, but some need a little hint.

 If you or your fiancée graduated from Oklahoma Christian University or Oklahoma City University, you can rent out the campus chapel for your ceremony.  These two chapels are both very nice and can be a great place for college sweethearts to tie the knot.  Both universities have reception facilities and catering services as well.  Note that both campuses are dry campuses, so you will not be allowed to bring any alcoholic beverages to your reception.

 Oklahoma also has many old and historic buildings that allow weddings.  One of these is the Fort Reno Chapel.  Located about 45 minutes west of Oklahoma City, the chapel and the rest of the historic Fort Reno buildings will make you think you’ve stepped back in time.  Some of these buildings were built before Oklahoma was even a state.  The chapel looks old on the outside, but inside, it’s quite nice.  It’s not the place for a huge wedding, though—it can seat around 75 people, and the downstairs reception area is also pretty small.

 The Skirvin Hotel, located in downtown Oklahoma City, is another awesome historic location for a wedding.  The hotel was closed for years, but it was renovated and reopened in early 2008.  It was built in 1910, and the renovating crew did everything they could to capture the style and elegance of the Skirvin at its best.  But the Skirvin offers something more than just a posh hotel—legend says the hotel is haunted, so you may have a paranormal guest at your ceremony!

 No matter where you decide to hold a wedding in Oklahoma, you’re sure to be in for something special.  Whether it’s outdoors at the family home, at one of our amazing locations, or at one of our elegant hotels, you’re sure to have an amazing day.

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