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June – summertime in OKC

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Well, June is yet another of our bipolar months.  While March can’t make up its mind between being warm and being freezing, June can’t decide between being a normal month and being a crazy one.  Some years, there’s not a drop of rain to be found for the entire month.  During these times, yards go from soft, vibrant greens to crunch browns and farmers go from nice, jovial guys to cranky, stressed out people who are forced to watch entire fields slowly wither away in the glaring heat. 

But then there are those years like 2007, when instead of a drought or normal weather, we had a flood.  It rained twenty days in a row (fortunately, some of those days saw only short showers), leading to massive floods across the state.  The towns of Kingfisher and Watonga nearly floated away, with many residents losing their homes and nearly their lives.  The Watonga cheese factory was destroyed, leaving many Oklahomans (myself included) to mourn the lack of tasty Oklahoma-made cheese and other items the factory produced.

Some would think this would make the farmers incredibly happy, but the deluge is just as bad as the drought.  Crops become over-watered and die just as quickly as they wither in the heat.  The rains also cause the humidity to rise and waves of mosquitoes to descend upon the state.  This has become a concern recently because mosquitoes can carry the bird flu.  However, cases in Oklahoma have dropped dramatically in the past couple of years.

During a normal June (one with just the right amount of rain), it tends to be hot but the temperatures usually don’t hit the one hundred plus mark like they do in July and August.  While you’ll break a sweat, it’s still possible to be outdoors and have some fun.  On just about any given day, you can step outside your front door and smell the smell of someone grilling.  Oklahomans love to cook out during June, and they often combine this passion with a weekend trip to the lake or a camping trip. 

Other outdoor activities are in full swing during this month.  Shakespeare in the Park, a favorite pastime of theater fans, begins its annual series of plays in June.  Attendees are encouraged to bring lawn chairs, blankets, and a picnic dinner and enjoy the cool evenings and the production.  City pools are crowded, as is White Water Bay, and anyone with a private pool quickly finds themselves with many new best friends. 

June is one of Oklahoma’s more low-key months during a normal year.  It’s a time when people are more relaxed and take the time to breath a little.  As long as there are no heavy rains, June provides a very peaceful time for Oklahoma City residents.

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