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The Warren Theater

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The movie-going experience in Oklahoma City has been kicked up a notch.  While Tinsel Town theater is nice and Harkens has a huge movie screen, neither is as luxurious as the Warren Theater in the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore.  In fact, it may now be the second thing Moore is known for (the first being the biggest tornado magnet in the state—Moore has been wiped off the map more times than any other place in Oklahoma!).

 So what makes the Warren Theater so great?  The seating, snack bar, and even the screen size are fairly normal, as is the movie selection and number of theaters.  What makes Warren a unique movie experience is the balcony.  Not only are you watching the movie from above the “normal” seating, you get many other extras for your ticket, which is good considering balcony seating is $18 a person ($12 for matinees). 

 First, the seats are huge.  I could have easily fit another person in mine and still had room.  There’s also plenty of leg room.  I’m six foot tall, and I could stretch my legs out straight out and not touch the back of the seat in front of me!  Of course, this room is needed for the waiters.  Yes, the Warren balcony has a staff of waiters on hand to deliver your popcorn, hamburgers, pasta dishes, and alcoholic drinks straight to your seat! 

 The menu at the Warren is fairly large and features sandwiches, burgers, Italian dishes, pizza, chicken strips, ice cream, and a number of other snacks.  Because the balcony serves alcoholic beverages, you must be 18 to sit in it.  In my opinion, this inadvertently creates another great feature—there are no teenagers talking, goofing around, or texting on their cell phones during the movie. 

 To eat your dinner, small tables are placed between the seats.  These tables aren’t large enough to get in your way, but they’re big enough to hold any food and drink you get.  The arm rests are also good sized and include a cup holder and a spot for your popcorn bucket.  Menus are set out on each table for easy ordering.  If you get hungry during the film, you’ll find a small LED light attached to the tables to use to read the menu, and a handy button on the arm rest summons a waiter right to your seat.

 If you don’t want to pay for the balcony seating, you can still eat dinner at Warren in their restaurant.  If you do decide to sit in the balcony, you might want to get to the theater a little early for a pre-movie drink at the bar outside the theater.  They have some pretty interesting drinks, each named after a movie, such as the Star Wars themed Dark Side. 

 I didn’t actually eat dinner at the theater last time I was there, but I did enjoy a dessert and some popcorn.  It was very good, and the price for the food and snacks is about the same as it is at any other theater.  If you’re looking for something to make a date a bit more special than just a movie, you’ll find it at the Warren Theater.  As far as the balcony goes, it is neat to get food delivered to your seat while watching a film, but I’m not sure it’s something I’ll do for every movie because of the price.  I think I’ll save it for special occasions such as the next Harry Potter movie.  

I’m not the only one who thinks of it for a special occasion, BAM over at was taken there by her sons for mothers day this year and obviously really enjoyed it, even though with kids she wasn’t able to go into the balcolny.

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