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The Warren Theater

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The movie-going experience in Oklahoma City has been kicked up a notch.  While Tinsel Town theater is nice and Harkens has a huge movie screen, neither is as luxurious as the Warren Theater in the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore.  In fact, it may now be the second thing Moore is known for (the first being the biggest tornado magnet in the state—Moore has been wiped off the map more times than any other place in Oklahoma!).

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Movie Theaters in OKC

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Looking to catch a movie while you’re in Oklahoma City?  There are a number of theaters you can go to, but the largest (and, in my opinion, nicest) are Harkins, Dickenson Penn Square 10, AMC Quail Springs Mall 24, and Cinemark TinselTown.


Harkins is the newest theater in Oklahoma City.  It’s one of the centerpieces of Bricktown, the revamped downtown area of Oklahoma City.  The theater has sixteen different screens, including the Cine Capri.  The Cine Capri is the largest movie screen in Oklahoma City, and if you really want to feel like you’re in the middle of the action, this is the theater for you.  The seats are incredibly comfortable, and all theaters have stadium seating, so you won’t be trying to look around anyone’s head.

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February – let it snow (finally!)

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Are you ready for that white Christmas that you didn’t get in December?  If so, then you’re ready for Oklahoma in February.  This is typically our coldest month (I say typically because March can sometimes surprise us with its bitter coldness).  Snow finally hits the ground, turning everything into a sparkling, blindingly white wonderland.  However, just as with January, the dreaded layer of ice is often hanging around.  It’s especially dangerous on the roads during these winter months thanks to black ice, ice that has combined with asphalt, oil, and other things.  It’s called black ice because it’s nearly impossible to see, making it twice as deadly.

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