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Science Museum Oklahoma

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If you grew up in Oklahoma, chances are you went on a field trip to the Omniplex at least once, if not three or four times during grade school.  Today, the name has changed—it’s now the Science Museum Oklahoma, a name that, frankly, everyone who grew up visiting the Omniplex hates.  However, the museum still features the same great interactive science experiments and displays, the planetarium, the special displays, and more.The lower level of the museum is filled with great interactive science lessons.  Kids can learn how the earth rotates by watching the huge pendulum slowly knock blocks over as the day progresses.  In another area, they can talk into a microphone to learn about how sound travels.  A giant periscope lets museum visitors check out what’s going on around the area, even letting them look over into the neighboring Oklahoma City Zoo.  One of my personal favorites is the mirror maze.  I loved wandering through it as a kid and seeing all those reflections of myself.

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