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Unique Valentine’s Day Events in OKC

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This Valentine’s Day, everyone’s going to be heading out to romantic little restaurants or cooking intimate little dinners.  Buying flowers, giving chocolates, and exchanging other gifts are all traditional Valentine’s Day events, but what about those who want to do something a little different?  Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas that are unique to OKC.


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Small Italian Restaurant Setting Provides Homemade Ingredients to Oklahoma City Guests

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If you are like me, then you enjoy finding small, out of the way restaurants because you never know what you are going to find.  The other day I joined my brother and his family for dinner at The Caffé Pranzo.  When we first stepped into the restaurant I was not sure of what we were going to find; however, we were instantly greeted with a warm welcome and seated at a nearby table.  The atmosphere is intimate and the walls are decorated with a wide variety of local art that is readily available for sale if you find a piece that you like.  Also, each table has a different interesting set of salt and pepper shakers, and there is a small collection of other shakers on display, creating a unique look and feel.

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Wizards Rock Out for Charities


Last year, I mentioned that a local Harry Potter group was hosting their first annual charity ball near the new year.  Well, this year, the Oklahoma Wizards League (OWL), is back, and they’ve moved their ball to the day before Valentine’s Day.  While last year’s wizard rock extravaganza was called the Yule Ball and was winter-themed, this year, the theme is Carousing With Cupid.  Once again, it will feature some of the top wizard rock bands from around the country.  This year’s concert will be hosted by the one and only Professor Gilderoy Lockhart, the only Hogwarts professor to acknowledge Valentine’s Day in the book series.

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