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Oklahoma City is Home to the First Matthew Kenney Academy

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We’ve got a number of unique things in Oklahoma City, and we’ve recently added one more: the first licensed Raw and Living Foods educational center in the world!  The Matthew Kenney Academy, which was formerly called 105degrees, provides future chefs with the skills they need to produce amazing meals featuring only raw and living foods.  The academy is the brainchild of chef Matthew Kenney and OKC resident Dara Prentice. It’s connected to the Matthew Kenney restaurant.

The academy’s curriculum focuses on using organic, whole, and unprocessed foods to create an amazing meal that is healthy and flavorful.  The academy was previously named 105 degrees because that’s the temperature food must be keep under in order for it to keep its natural enzymes.

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Eating Organic in Oklahoma City

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Recently a number of Farmer’s Markets have begun to open in the Oklahoma City area.  There have always been the local farmer’s cooperatives and markets in the area like at OSU in OKC and the downtown area.  However, the new ones like Sunflower Market and Whole Foods are larger chains, and this was a new development into the usual meat and potatoes world of Oklahoma.

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